WRAPTIE™ 130 Sixpack

WRAPTIE 130 Sixpack

WRAPTIE™ 130 SixpackWRAPTIE™ 130 SixpackWRAPTIE™ 130 Sixpack

{Description}WRAPTIE™ 130 Sixpack

6 x WRAPTIE 130

The WRAPTIE 130cm strap is our compact version designed for smaller loads and applications.

      Length: 130cm

      Width: 2.5cm

      Materials: High tension industrial grade elasticized webbing, knitted polyester high strength webbing, nylon hook and loop fasteners

      Weight (approx): 80g

      Rated Load: 50kg @ 20cm diameter - Using 1.3M length*

        * Load rating decreases as load diameter increases.

        * Different length straps give different performances

        * If in doubt use a longer WRAPTIE tie down strap


    Patent Pending AUTO GRAB Feature: Fast action allows for fast daily use

    Innovative FAST GRAB End: Easily grabs any fixed point

    High Strength - Made from high tension industrial grade elasticized webbing materials

    Lightweight, Robust and Safe - No metal buckles or hooks to scratch or break

    TAIL END TIDY Feature - Saves time after strapping down

    MULTI-FUNCTION - Innovative design allows use for multiple applications

 Recycled PET (R-PET) All our WRAPTIE tie down straps use recycled plastic bottles (R-PET) in their construction. Every time you buy our tie down straps you stop 1 plastic bottle from ending up in landfill, incineration or the ocean - without any impact on performance.

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