What is a WRAPTIE Tie Down Strap?

      The WRAPTIE tie down strap is a patent pending, multi-purpose tie down strap using an innovative hook and loop fastening system.

      Not only is this strap fast but also extremely secure and rated up to 50 kg.

  How does the WRAPTIE differ from all the other tie down straps?

      The WRAPTIE is the world's first 'Multi-Function' strap and is unlike any other strap available before.

      The Multi-Function Fast Grab End can be opened up to attach to anything, such as roof racks, rails and other WRAPTIE straps.

      A Unique Fastening System - this is what makes the WRAPTIE tie down strap unique.

      An innovative fixing point system allowing any number of usages and infinite adjustment - FAST!

      HI-Strength Loop End - Extra strong webbing construction to provide safe fixing point.

      Industrial Strength Elasticised Webbing - it stretches but it won't snap like other bungee cords.

      All WRAPTIE straps are rated to take a 50Kg load and are designed not to fail, unlike other bungee cords.

      WRAPTIE straps have NO buckles, clips or hooks which can break or scratch your gear!

  Why Should I Use WRAPTIE

      You may be wondering why you should even consider a WRAPTIE tie down strap when you may already own so many other straps.

      The question you should really be asking is, "Can my other straps do all this?"